“How are you?”
Your manager asked the question out of courtesy, and not necessarily out of interest.
But such are office rituals.
What is your habitual go-to answer?
“I’m good thanks!”
Or maybe, “No worries. And you?”

Have a look at the poll to the right of the website.
Please vote.
But vote as if that would be your honest, and unfiltered reply to that ubiquitous question at the office — “Good morning, how are you?”

I had a manager that always answered “How are you?” with “What’s up?”
I realize now he could never bring himself, to be honest, that way.
I’m pretty sure he would rather have said, “I couldn’t care less, really!”

Which one of these answers on the poll “best” suits where you’re at?
And if you have suggestions, let me know, we can always add another poll!

Breathe appreciatively. Live and work mindfully!