This answer on QUORA resonates with much of what I believe about social media.
Look, social media isn’t “all evil.”
Few things are.
We can still choose to use it for occasional practical purposes.

But I do find that the torrent of information associated with unfiltered opinion distracts us.
It can even convince us in some cases that we are not “Living life to the full.”
You are all aware of FOMO. When the lifestyles of the rich and famous people, as documented on social media show us, mere mortals, how pathetic we are.
And of course, many gift them — “The influencers —” Thereby making them richer, while you, the “influencee” feels even less worthy.

Within the working environment — Be particularly careful.
What you ooze on social media can and will be held against you.
Just remember — It’s an unnecessary level of complication — It weighs you down.
Do you really wish to carry all that weight, all the time?
Declutter from this torrent of garbage info when you can.
I don’t reckon it is entirely as “dire” as my friend here professes — But it can easily consume you — Or hours of your day.

What do you think?
What is your stance on social media?
Do you go “all-in?”
Are you strong enough to drink from that well discriminately?